Ray Kurtzweil, called by some “Nostradamus of digital era”, predicted that in 2045 the World is going to reach singularity point in technology growth. That is supposed to happen due to ability of AI. Maybe in technology that is going to be true, but I think in our society we reached singularity point today due to virus outbreak.

As in all difficult times we can see many late prophets today saying, “Prepare yourself”. Some others are going to “predict” future scenarios. Reality is – we all do not know. In singularity point there are no trends. All directions are equally probable.

So, what to do now? Wait for what is going to happen? Not. Waiting is always bad strategy. But as we are at this point as a whole society – let’s try to find solutions as a society. We can see that people staying in isolation in Italy, Spain, France are working together to fight with lack of social activities by singing together. Let’s do the same in our business life. Let’s find the way out together.

Instead of locking yourself with the fear for what the future is going to bring.

Instead of waiting for some saviours with public money (although this help is more than welcome).

Keep in touch with each other.

Create interdisciplinary discussion groups. Invite your suppliers and customers to free talks, what to do next. Do brainstorming sessions with friends. Cooperation is the key word today.

I fully agree with Zuzanna Skalska – “Ideas are today’s currency, not strategy. No single person has all the answers, but as a team we can do great things.”